Friday, 20 April 2012

Lace and Neon Trends: Wear them without breaking the bank!

I seen on Xpose yesterday that lace and neon are two big trends for the Spring/Summer months of 2012. Admittedly, those two things are quite hard to pull off at the best of times. Or so you would think...

While in Penney's today, I spotted two acessory items that caught my eye, not only because they were pretty and affordable, but also because they incorporate the two big trends coming up!!
Wired lace headband - 2 euro
Neon "LOVE" ring - 3 euro

The headband is wired with a gorgeous, soft white lace material which feels more expensive than the 2 euro I paid for it! What I love about wired headbands is that they don't slip off your head like most headbands tend to do. Also, they are easy to put on and can be worn so many different ways (as the accompanying picture supplied shows). Celebrities such as Rihanna love to wear their hair up with messy curls and tie one of these around their head to amp up the look, which I think looks beautiful and is also a big trend for spring/summer. So this inexpensive accessory incorporates two big trends and doesn't make it seem like you're trying too hard! It's a simple way to rock some fashion musts in an everyday way :)

A picture of the many ways you
can wear your wire headband.

 The bright, bold, yellow/green neon "LOVE" ring was only 3 euros and looks so funky on! Again, it incorporates the neon trend along with the fashion ring fetish that seems to be rife these days! Personally, I love wearing pieces like this with simple clothes, for example a black dress, and pairing it up with neon rings, shoes or handbags to add that "wow" factor. It's an easy way to style an outfit fashionably while not going overboard! 

So, as you can see it is super easy to add statement trend items to your outfit, even on an everyday basis! All you have to do is scout the shops and find the right item that works for you, which is just as easy because all shops work by the same styles! 
Happy shopping loves :)       
Charlene xoxo

--->Both items are currently available in Penney's stores nationwide.         - My Twitter

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