Friday, 20 April 2012

And So It Begins...

Here we are: my very first blogpost! To be honest, I really do not know why I haven't made a beauty blog sooner, seeing as I've been making videos on the subject for almost three months now! I have had a blog or two in the past but nothing that entailed real interaction with other people so I feel that now I have reverted to the beauty community, that is all about to change. I really and truly want to get to know lots more girls like me who love beauty and just want to make friends and share their knowledge. Not only that but I've always been a big journo-head and I love writing about everything and anything, so on the days where I'm not filming a video or just feel like ranting, I know this will be absolutely fabulous! :) 

So, for today, I'll ease you all in by just telling you my story so far (but in a revised way, don't worry). For years, I've lived, slept and dreamt music! My other YouTube channel, Musicqueen05, shows that love in all it's glory! I cannot get enough of it! When I discovered I was quite good at teaching myself to play guitar, I literally locked myself in my bedroom in my parents' house for about two years, just singing my lungs out. I played open-mic nights, did talent competitions in school and of course broadcast some covers to my ever growing fanbase on YouTube. However, once I left school and home to go to study Media Studies  at the National University of Ireland Maynooth, I found myself having less time for guitar and singing and more time for socialising! Which, I suppose, is what happens when you reach that stage in your life. Everything is new and brilliant and you just want to bathe in your newfound life! So music took a back seat. For a year and a few months, I loved my new life but I didn't like my direction. Media Studies wasn't working out and I decided that October 2012 was the time to really try and find myself - no matter what! My theory is that you only live once and if you cannot take the time to really get to know yourself and see what you want out of life, what is the point of anything? So I left! I moved into my own apartment and here I am, with no job, little money and still no idea of what I want to do in life.

However, one thing I've discovered is my newfound passion for beauty. In actual fact, it's not really newfound as it had always been there, I had just never really put too much emphasis on it. To everyone, I'm known as "the musical one" or the girl who wants to be involved in journalism, not a "beauty enthusiast". I, however, know that since I was around fifteen years old, I have adored makeup and what it can do, how it can transform you into someone completely new looking. I have learned all the tricks I know from magazines and watching countless hours of YouTube tutorials, reviews, rants and raves. It is only when I left college and had nothing else to really focus on for the first time, I discovered that yes, I would love to start making my own videos and making a new type of audience; one who knew me for a different reason other than music and media! This idea gave me a burst of enthusiasm and I could not wait to get stuck in!

So here I am! Three months into making my own beauty videos. But be under no illusion, I'm still very much an amateur! Just as I was vefore starting my music channel, I am learning as I go but I do see tiny improvements now and again! I haven't met too many new people but I am starting to find my feet! I still feel as though I haven't found my niche yet but that takes time and I'm prepared to run with it and get to a place where I feel comfortable. After all, the best things take time and effort and will pay off when you least expect it!!

Hopefully this blog post didn't bore you and you feel a little bit more enlightened as to who I am. Even in months or years to come, viewers and readers can come to this to see who I was when I started out! Also, it's a nice way to start off a blog about me and what I love!

Take care everyone and I hope to interact with as many of you as is possible.
Stay cool and ROCK YOUR STYLE,

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