Tuesday, 1 May 2012

April 2012 Hits and misses!

So here we are again! We've reached yet another new month of 2012 and, in true Irish fashion, are not seeming to be having any nicer weather :( Boo hoo! But at least us girlies have some beuaty comforts to get us through the dull depressing days :) 

April, I must say, has been a month of testing out new skincare products. This is an alien thing for me to do as I tend to spend all my money on makeup or haircare, just because it's way more fun to me! Alas though, as I am only mere months away from leaving behind my teenage years, I feel it's high time to start giving my skin a bit of protection for the years that are to follow. Oh the trials and tribulations of leaving your youth behind lol! So I've been using scrubs, cleansers, moisturisers and the like and I must say, I am starting to see a stark difference in how my skin behaves. As you will see in my video below, I have two products that I am in love with!

I have also been loving the pastel nail polishes in April! They just make me happy, that's all I can say! A bit of pastel fun makes all the difference and I would have to say, the two brands I have mentioned in my video (Barry M and Catrice) would have to be my favourite nail polish brands all around but they do a fantastic range of pastels if you are on the lookout for them. They're also some of the most affordable, good quality ones on the market too! 

Apart from these two big fetishes I've had in April, I have a few other little mentinables but also two things I haven't been getting along with, one of which has quite an embarrassing story to accompany it as you will see haha! 

So yeah, please give my video a watch and see what you think! If you have tried any of these products, do let me know your opinions and also what you have been loving or hating for the month of April :D

Thanks for reading/watching lovelies,
Take care,