Thursday, 26 April 2012

Obsessed with ObsessedJewellery :D

Ok, so I will be the very first person to admit that I am VERY choosey about the jewellery I will buy or wear! I don't really have a reason for this other than that I love unique pieces and things that I often see in shops such as Penney's or even dedicated jewellery shops are just too plain and common for me to wear. I guess you could call me a jewellery snob!

However, one day as I was browsing through my tweets, I seen that a friend of mine on there, Rachel aka Aprettyobsession, had started up her own online jewellery store. Rachel already has her own successful blog and a YouTube channel and I love her style as it's similar to my own so I was compelled to go have a nose at the items she was selling! And OMG, it was like I had clicked onto a page where all my wildest dreams of unique, stand-out, eye-catching, funky jewelled accessories had met and become available to me! I found myself getting so excited that I couldn't focus on what I wanted to look at first - no joke! This rarely ever happens to me but let me tell you, I was wanting to click "buy" on almost everything. What surprised me most was that the gold pieces were even attracting my attention, which NEVER happens me as I am a silver girl all the way! I think I own about two gold things in my whole jewellery collection! But these items weren't your traditional, dare I say, tacky looking accessories, they looked vintage in a way. The kind of pieces you would see selling in higher end boutiques for a fortune. Yet these were unbelieveably reasonable in price! I think pretty much everything on Rachel's site is under the ten euro mark which is a rariety for pieces that are so well made and unique as hers. 

Anyway, I decided I would go for a necklace called "the music lovers necklace", a daintey silver chain with a peachy cello, treble clef note and a little keyboard hanging from it. It had my name all over it as I love jewellery with musical themes and they are so hard to find so I wasn't surprised to see it on the Obsessed Jewellery site. 

I placed my order (which Rachel kindly accepted a Postal Order for as I don't have a PayPal account) and within two days, this beautifully and carefully wrapped little package arrived in my mailbox!

 There was no way the necklace could have gotten damaged as the little box had been carefully wrapped with bubble wrap and the actual necklace inside the box was wrapped in lovely, delicate, pink tissue paper, an added touch of detail and cuteness to the experience!

As expected, the necklace was gorgeous and the quality was noticeable. It actually doesn't have a clasp, instead it simply slips on easily over your head which I didn't know until I received it. However, this is a brilliant idea as any necklace I have ever been unfortunate enough to break had been by the clasp snagging on something so I know that won't happen with this. The necklace itself is strong and of high quality, even the little musical pieces are quite thick, meaning they won't break off easily.

I apologise for the quality of the photos, the lighting wasn't great. The actual colour is a peach/pink although it is showing up very pink here, it isn't. I really love how the necklace sits once it is on (as shown below). It is a perfect length in that it's long enough to go past the nape of your neck, which adds a more lack back style to an outfit, which is what I go for a lot of the time

Music Lovers Necklace - 8 euros (bargain) :)

All-in-all, as you can probably already tell, I am totally in love with Obsessed Jewellery! I regularly snoop the site for new additions and I know that I certainly will be making another purchase soon! My will power is slowly deteriorating by the day haha! 

I strongly recommend you check out this site it you are looking for well-made, stand out pieces of jewellery that are still affordable. I guarantee the service is fast and that Rachel will take the best care of any orders she sends out. Please check her and Obsessed Jewellery out on the links provided below!

Take care loves,

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Friday, 20 April 2012

Lace and Neon Trends: Wear them without breaking the bank!

I seen on Xpose yesterday that lace and neon are two big trends for the Spring/Summer months of 2012. Admittedly, those two things are quite hard to pull off at the best of times. Or so you would think...

While in Penney's today, I spotted two acessory items that caught my eye, not only because they were pretty and affordable, but also because they incorporate the two big trends coming up!!
Wired lace headband - 2 euro
Neon "LOVE" ring - 3 euro

The headband is wired with a gorgeous, soft white lace material which feels more expensive than the 2 euro I paid for it! What I love about wired headbands is that they don't slip off your head like most headbands tend to do. Also, they are easy to put on and can be worn so many different ways (as the accompanying picture supplied shows). Celebrities such as Rihanna love to wear their hair up with messy curls and tie one of these around their head to amp up the look, which I think looks beautiful and is also a big trend for spring/summer. So this inexpensive accessory incorporates two big trends and doesn't make it seem like you're trying too hard! It's a simple way to rock some fashion musts in an everyday way :)

A picture of the many ways you
can wear your wire headband.

 The bright, bold, yellow/green neon "LOVE" ring was only 3 euros and looks so funky on! Again, it incorporates the neon trend along with the fashion ring fetish that seems to be rife these days! Personally, I love wearing pieces like this with simple clothes, for example a black dress, and pairing it up with neon rings, shoes or handbags to add that "wow" factor. It's an easy way to style an outfit fashionably while not going overboard! 

So, as you can see it is super easy to add statement trend items to your outfit, even on an everyday basis! All you have to do is scout the shops and find the right item that works for you, which is just as easy because all shops work by the same styles! 
Happy shopping loves :)       
Charlene xoxo

--->Both items are currently available in Penney's stores nationwide.         - My Twitter

And So It Begins...

Here we are: my very first blogpost! To be honest, I really do not know why I haven't made a beauty blog sooner, seeing as I've been making videos on the subject for almost three months now! I have had a blog or two in the past but nothing that entailed real interaction with other people so I feel that now I have reverted to the beauty community, that is all about to change. I really and truly want to get to know lots more girls like me who love beauty and just want to make friends and share their knowledge. Not only that but I've always been a big journo-head and I love writing about everything and anything, so on the days where I'm not filming a video or just feel like ranting, I know this will be absolutely fabulous! :) 

So, for today, I'll ease you all in by just telling you my story so far (but in a revised way, don't worry). For years, I've lived, slept and dreamt music! My other YouTube channel, Musicqueen05, shows that love in all it's glory! I cannot get enough of it! When I discovered I was quite good at teaching myself to play guitar, I literally locked myself in my bedroom in my parents' house for about two years, just singing my lungs out. I played open-mic nights, did talent competitions in school and of course broadcast some covers to my ever growing fanbase on YouTube. However, once I left school and home to go to study Media Studies  at the National University of Ireland Maynooth, I found myself having less time for guitar and singing and more time for socialising! Which, I suppose, is what happens when you reach that stage in your life. Everything is new and brilliant and you just want to bathe in your newfound life! So music took a back seat. For a year and a few months, I loved my new life but I didn't like my direction. Media Studies wasn't working out and I decided that October 2012 was the time to really try and find myself - no matter what! My theory is that you only live once and if you cannot take the time to really get to know yourself and see what you want out of life, what is the point of anything? So I left! I moved into my own apartment and here I am, with no job, little money and still no idea of what I want to do in life.

However, one thing I've discovered is my newfound passion for beauty. In actual fact, it's not really newfound as it had always been there, I had just never really put too much emphasis on it. To everyone, I'm known as "the musical one" or the girl who wants to be involved in journalism, not a "beauty enthusiast". I, however, know that since I was around fifteen years old, I have adored makeup and what it can do, how it can transform you into someone completely new looking. I have learned all the tricks I know from magazines and watching countless hours of YouTube tutorials, reviews, rants and raves. It is only when I left college and had nothing else to really focus on for the first time, I discovered that yes, I would love to start making my own videos and making a new type of audience; one who knew me for a different reason other than music and media! This idea gave me a burst of enthusiasm and I could not wait to get stuck in!

So here I am! Three months into making my own beauty videos. But be under no illusion, I'm still very much an amateur! Just as I was vefore starting my music channel, I am learning as I go but I do see tiny improvements now and again! I haven't met too many new people but I am starting to find my feet! I still feel as though I haven't found my niche yet but that takes time and I'm prepared to run with it and get to a place where I feel comfortable. After all, the best things take time and effort and will pay off when you least expect it!!

Hopefully this blog post didn't bore you and you feel a little bit more enlightened as to who I am. Even in months or years to come, viewers and readers can come to this to see who I was when I started out! Also, it's a nice way to start off a blog about me and what I love!

Take care everyone and I hope to interact with as many of you as is possible.
Stay cool and ROCK YOUR STYLE,